Our story

The origins of our company go back to the end of 2009, but it wasn’t until March 2013 that 3P was founded in Villena (Alicante) as a company dedicated to the assembly of double-skin façades, curtain walls, glazing and metal structural work. In the beginning, we had just 5 employees, one vehicle and a small premises of 20m2  as our warehouse. It was tough at the start as Spain was deep in a crippling economic crisis, the construction sector being one of the sectors that was hit hardest.

After a few years, we began to expand our business by entering the world of full renovations, restoration and construction of single family homes. This opened the market to the façade and construction sectors.

Over the years, 3P has remained committed to the assembly of façades, glazing and joinery in projects of national and international importance, commanding a significant proportion of the national market and working on important international projects.

In the construction sector, 3P has been making headway by undertaking renovation, restoration and construction of single family homes, thus winning a share in the local and province-wide market.

The keys to success are—and have always been—our people and a commitment to high standards of quality with record turnaround times.

3P has earned prestige in the world of assembly across the nation and in renovation across the province.

Scope of activity

3P undertakes assembly both nationally and internationally. At present, we have carried out assembly in countries such as Portugal, Ghana, Morocco, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain.
3P does renovation, restoration and construction of single family homes in the province of Alicante and in the municipalities surrounding it.


3P has the facilities to suit our type of business.

The offices are 30m2 in size split over 2 floors.

A highlight of our offices is the spacious meeting room. This is where we organise all the jobs along with our team leaders before they go forward.

In our meeting room, we also present our construction projects to our clients on a screen where our technician shows all types of details pertaining to the works to be undertaken.

Finally, we have a 300m2 diaphanous warehouse where we keep all the tools and vehicles required for our jobs.


3P has always been committed to its people. For this reason, our workforce is formed by a highly-qualified team specifically trained in each of their job positions, therefore attaining top quality in record times.

The organisation, coordination and good atmosphere within the different working teams make work productive, gratifying and very inspiring. Such involvement means the team fully participates in the company, which has a direct impact on the increase in productivity and client satisfaction. This is one of the distinguishing features of our workplace culture and politics.

Throughout our years of experience, 3P has always relied on the top professionals to meet market and client needs.

3P Building Envelope Assembly

3P Construction

2 people

Administrative team

2 people

Technical team,
construction control.

36 people

Envelope assembly team

1 people

Administrative team

3 people

Technical team

8 people

Own renovation and construction team.

10 to 15 people

Renovation and construction subcontractors

52 people